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The porch, 1. is before the Door of the house   Vestibulum (1) est ante Januam Domus    
The Door hath   Janua habet   ἡ θύρα ἔχει
a Threshold, 2.   Limen (2)    
and a Lintel, 3.   et Superliminare (3)    
and Posts (4) on both sides   et Postes (4) utrinque.    
the Hinges (5)   Cardines (5)    
are on the right hand   sunt a dextris,    
upon which the doors hang   a quibus pendent Fores (6)    
the Latch (7)   Claustrum (7)    
and the Bolt (8)   aut Pessulus (8)    
are on the left hand.   a sinistris.    

Before the house

  Sub aedibus    
is a Fore-court (9)   est Cavaedium (9)  

πυλών, ῶνος m


προαύλιον, ου n:

n neuter
with a pavement of square stones (10)   Pavimento Tesselato (10)    
borne up will Pillars (11)   fulcitum Columnis (11)    
in which is the Chapiter (12)   in quibus Peristylium (12)    
and the Base (13)   et Basis (13).    
They go up into the   Ascenditur in superiores contignationes    
by Greeses (14)   per Scalas (14)    
and Winding-Stairs (15)   et Cochlidia (15)    
The Windows (16)   Fenestrae (16)    
appear on the outside,   apparent extrinsecus,    
and the Grates (17)   et Cancelli (clathra) (17)    
the Galleries (18)   Pergulae (18)    
the Water-tables (19)   Suggrundia (19)    
the Butteresses (20)   et Fulcra (20)    
to bear up the Walls.   fulciendis muris.    
On the top is the Roof (21)   In summo est Tectum (21)    
covered with Tiles (22)   contectum Imbricibus (tegulis) (22)    
or Shingles (23)   vel Scandulis (23)    
which lie upon Laths (24)   quae incumbunt Tigillis (24)    
and these upon Rafters (25)   haec Tignis (25)    
The Eaves (26)   Tecto adhaeret    
adhere to the Roof   Stillicidium (26)   τῇ στέγῃ
The place without a Roof   Locus sine Tecto   ὁ τόπος χωρίς τῆς στέγης.
is called an open Gallery (27).   dicitur Subdiale (27)    
In the Roof are   In Tecto sunt    
Jettings-out (28)   Meniana (28)    
and Pinnacles (29)   et Coronides (29)    
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